Why rent a website?

No need to pay huge amounts of designer fees, losing time and business.

We are a business oriented company, not like other web design companies which only create good looking but superficial websites. We generate websites that will earn you money.  We will work for your website to be shown at the first page Google results. You get your clients and extra business and we get our monthly fees. 

No need for you to worry what hosting domain, html etc means.  NO stress,  never lose time, you don't need to think about your website. BECAUSE WE DO,  we arrange and setup everything for you. 

If we want you to stay with us we need to serve you high quality work. If you don't like our service you can cancel the contract. 

Why do we offer this complete package at such affordable prices?

Because we want to support Freelancers, Non-profit Organizations, Small Businesses and New Starters. Our aim is to increase your business, we design quick and to-the-point websites, with full focus on your specific needs.

What do you get: 

.com domain (we do consultation for chosing best , very secure high quality cloud hosting, website, CMS, SEO , maintenance, updates * business, clients, quality traffic right into your website, plus plus plus..   form system.    An increased return of investment (ROI)

Website statistics, Submission to Search Engines

*Fair Use Policy.

What kind of information do I need to provide?

Only content and images you would like to feature have on your website. That is it! The rest we do it! 

How we develop your website:

By doing research on business goals and traffic behavior. Choosing colors that fit your company. 

We will find the best domain name suitable for your business. (please do not purchase domain name before we discuss)

What do we gain by getting small monthly payments? 

We love to help small businesses. However our time is also limited. We decided to focus on uncomplicated websites. Only for ROI websites. Elegant, clear, to the point. Websites that generate money websites that generating money flow to small business.  Most of the websites are About us, Services or Products and Contact us etc. pages. If you need more sites you can always upgrade your website package. 

Can we add extras on the website?

YES of course, online payment system, online advertisement campaigns, high resolution images etc.

Can we update or make changes to the content?

Yes of course free of charge* whenever you want to make changes please inform us.

If we don't want to pay monthly, do you also have a one-time-fee option?

Yes and No,  you may pay for your website development fee one time however your domain, hosting, CMS solution should be paid monthly or yearly. (+/- $40 per month for average quality hosting payment for this option)  Please note domains are not transferable for monthly payment option. 

European quality level. We deliver work with high standards and therefore we accept a limited number of new client per month.